About Us

The Howell Theatre was built in 1935 by Mr. Rudolph Howell as a one-screen cinema, seating approximately 600 movie-goers. It was built in the heart of downtown Smithfield, NC, becoming an integral part of the downtown business community.

In the late 1970’s, the theatre underwent a major remodeling, including the conversion from a one-screen to a two-screen (balconies intact) cinema.

Later, in 1986, the theatre underwent another considerable remodeling, converting the balconies of the two cinemas into two addition screens, for a total of four screens. Unlike the two lower floor auditoriums, the upper auditoriums contain stadium seating.

In 1999, the ownership and operation of the Howell Theatre changed hands as Mr.¬†Howell sold the theatre. Some minor remodeling was accomplished, including updating the auditorium sound systems. Keeping the theatre as a family owned business Mr. Buffaloe sold it to Amy and Chuck Kirkman in December 2010.¬† David Kirkman is the Manager and together we will continue providing the” Best entertainment Value in Smithfield.”

Other features of the theatre include:
* Hardwood floors in all auditoriums* Stages in lower auditoriums
* High-back rocking seats in the downstairs auditoriums feature
* Cupholders in all auditoriums* Century projection systems with reverse scan sound readers* Multi-platter rewind system
* Stadium seating in upstairs auditoriums